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Youth and Families will be encouraged to make healthier life choices in the following areas: Teenage Pregnancy Prevention & Intervention, Drug & Sex Awareness, Healthy Living & Eating, and Parenting Classes.
Teenage Pregnancy Program: Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) with adult preparation programming for 300 high risk youth opportunities targeting underserved youth in Houston and Alief Independent School Districts in Houston, Harris County.

Keepin’ it REAL– Keepin’ it REAL is a multicultural, school-based substance use prevention program for students 12-14 years old. The curriculum places special emphasis on resistance strategies represented in the acronym REAL: Refuse offers to use substances, Explain why you do not want to use substances, Avoid situations in which substances are used, and Leave situations in which substances are used.
BART – Becoming a Responsible Teen – Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART) is a community-based program primarily for African American teens aged 14-18. Group discussion and role-playing activities seek to build participants’ communication and decision making skills regarding sexual behavior, HIV/STD and pregnancy prevention. Abstinence education is also integrated into the program and is discussed as the best way to prevent pregnancy and HIV infection.

Healthy Habits: Eating -2- Live Cooking Class – Eating to Live defines the term health and identify risks to personal health. Participants review the elements of a nutritious diet and healthy weight management. Really you are what you eat! Participants learn how to prepare recipes, plan and cook nutritious meals know the use of cooking utensils and understand healthy kitchen hygiene habits. Participants will learn a healthy lifestyle for making good nutritional choices.

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